Are you done with your personal project yet?

Execs place the highest value on GitHub and personal projects

Companies are looking at GitHub and projects to supplement resumes and evaluate skills better. When we filtered the data by roles, we found that those in a C-level positions, including founders, CTOs and VPs, valued GitHub projects more than years of experience. Prestige of degree dropped even further in importance for these folks.

This could be attributed to the fact that by the time candidates meet execs, they’ve gotten to a point in the hiring process where interviewers are no longer looking for resume qualifiers. Most of the time, these C-level execs have recruiters or another teammate focus on resume-based proxies. When developers meet with C-level folks, there’s more time to evaluate proven skills based on projects, previous work, and portfolios.


What qualifications do execs look for most?


Sachin is a student of Class 10 in Bangalore, India. He spends a lot of time researching college options and loves to share it with his peers.

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