Indian Student Room is a portal that was created in July of 2017. We write and publish great articles regarding common issues that school and college students may face.

Being a high school student myself, I have been thinking about my options after graduation. I get advice from family & friends and coaching institutes that goad me into taking their classes to go join IIT. But, is that it? What other options do I have? All I want to do is present unbiased information to all of you so you can make an informed decision. I realized that there was not enough information. That was the genesis for Indianstudentroom.com.

To the common man (or rather student), Indian Student Room is the go-to site for information on what to do next in your education and career life. We supply valuable information and advice on various topics to empower the nescient student.

Are you a high school student? Won’t you love to connect with your peers all over India and share information? You have come to the right place.

Say you’re having trouble in any aspect of your student life, simply type away on our ever-knowing forum and solve all your problems!

Looking for a university or college that offers your dream course? Take to our college directory and find that dream university! We make the process simple and fluid.

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—  Sachin