What is a major and how to choose one

In college, it is essential to specialize in a certain subject, your major. Here, we discuss how to choose your major.

What is a major?

A major is a certain subject that college students specialize in. Ideally, around half of the courses that you will take in college will be related to your major.

Examples are – Business Management, English Lang & Lit., History, General Psychology, etc.

Some colleges also offer the choice to:

  • Double Major
  • Have a major and a minor – a subject that requires less courses than a major.
  • Create your own major.

When do I choose my major?

Many colleges give you the choice to apply to college undeclared – if you are not sure of a major. Then, you can choose your major once you have experimented with various courses and subjects. However, if you decided your major right in high school, this offers you more time to learn about your chosen subject, compared to applying undeclared.

Also, sometimes, you won’t have to finalize your major until the end of your second year. However, there are also certain subjects that require you to commit early on, since there are more courses. An example of this is engineering.

Some students know their major early on, but there are several others who are confused. If you are one of these students, do not be nervous. You are among many, and it is nothing to worry about.

How do I choose my major?

Firstly, you should select courses that actually appeal to you. If you think these courses really interest you, go ahead and choose the subject related to the courses as your major. But, if you are really torn apart between two subjects, try to double major.

But do not relax too much, because you will have to decide your major soon! Try picking courses that seem to sound interesting. Chances are, that course can help you decide your major.


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