So you want to be a Doctor…

So you want to be a Doctor…

You are in High School, and you are fascinated by House MD or your parent or another Doctor you encountered. Or, you are impressed with the lifestyle of some Doctors and you want something similar. In certain instances, you had a calling from a deep inner voice that beckoned you to serve your fellow humans.

In any case, let me remind you that you are still in High School and have taken no course work related to medicine. So there is no real basis for your infatuation with Doctors. Are you ready for the long haul? Of persistance, hard work and years of struggle before you become a real Doctor. Many times, you start making money much later.

So let us be clear that there is no such thing as being passionate to become a Doctor, because you are simply not in that position. The closest you ever get is that you may like Biology and Chemistry and are inclined to study that further. If making loads of money is the ultimate goal, then that does not correlate to being a Doctor.

So back to the initial question. Do you still want to be a Doctor? I recommend you spend some time in a Hospital tailing a Doctor, or talking to one to understand what their life is like. You should also get a firm grip on what they went through to get there.

Even if you do not know a Doctor personally, I recommend you find one in a Hospital and confide that you are thinking of being one, and want to talk to them about it. It is unlikely any Doctor will turn you down. During holidays, ask if it is ok to follow them around to understand their job better. See how they interact with patients, or do a surgery. Understand how near and dear ones of a patient react to a Doctor. There is a lot of counselling required when a patient goes through a major surgery.

I personally know of a few people who never pursued medicine because they could not stand the sight of blood. It requires a lot of courage to cut and later sew up a human body for surgery. It requires confidence to prescribe a set of chemicals to be imbibed into the human body over a certain duration and understand what biochemical changes that may result in. Certain Doctors are time blind. Doctors in Emergency care need to be prepared for emergencies whether day or night, whether weekday or weekend.

Once these aspects are understood, then build a plan how to become a Doctor. Continued in the next article.


Hi there! I'm Sachin and I run the Career Central Podcast! I started it off because I myself wasn't too sure about what I wanted to do. I realized a ton of my friends had the same problem, and so decided to broadcast interviews with eminent people. This way, students can learn from an insider's perspective and make informed decisions.

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