Episode 11 – The Sound of Music ft. Dr Geetha Bhat

Today, we have with us Dr Geetha Bhat, a neuromusicologist. No art stirs the emotions so deeply as music. Music is rightly styled the language of emotion. Neuromusicology is the combined study of music and neuroscience, or how music affects our brain. It is a field of research with practical relevance for music performance, music composition, music education, music medicine, and music therapy. Practitioners of this field are called neuro musicologists. Neuro musicologists have the unique opportunity of involving themselves in 2 fields – music and science – that many are interested in but fail to integrate into one common study.

Neuro musicologists are usually trained in one or more instruments, as this helps in understanding the nuances of the field better. Since this particular field is relatively new, you won’t find many job listings for it. But don’t let that discourage you from pursuing a career in this field. The job you ultimately end up with is going to be largely determined by the set of skills you have developed throughout your education.

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