Episode 14 – Vegetarian Meat! ft. Abhishek Sinha

Today, we have with us Mr Abhishek Sinha, the co-founder and CEO of Gooddot.in. Enticed by his love for animals and his wife’s involvement in Good Dot, Mr Sinha started as an advisor to GoodDot but could not ignore the opportunity to make a difference. He made a brave and unprecedented decision to resign his position as the Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax to oversee GoodDot’s R&D and manufacturing. Mr Sinha’s experience and graduate degree in engineering make him a priceless asset for the Good Dot team. He is an avid animal lover and has an undying commitment to save lives by bringing plant based meats to the Indian market.

I bet that if you’re a vegetarian, you’ve wondered at least once what meat tastes like. However, for whatever reason, because you’re either bound by your beliefs or are an animal lover, you’ve never actually tried meat. This problem has recently been tackled by a startup called GoodDot, founded by animal activists. They seek to reduce suffering in the world by supplying plant-based meats with all the benefits and less of the drawbacks.

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