Episode 16 – Making Music for a Living ft. Ashish Manchanda

Today we have Mr Ashish Manchanda, an entrepreneur in the entertainment and music industry. He is also a prominent mixing and recording engineer and is also known for his work in association with Bollywood and independent music production.  He is the founder of the music & AV media production house “Flying Carpet Productions” established in 1999. He is a graduate from Full Sail University which is based in Winter Park, Florida. He is also 4 time recipient of the IRAA (Indian Recording Arts Award) for best mix engineer movie soundtrack ‘Dev D’, for the debut album by Sona Mohapatra, best live engineer 2013 and Music Producer of the year (Independent) 2017. Some movies he has been involved in are Bhag Milkha Bhag and the Chronicles of Narnia, and he has worked with directors like George Lucas in the past.

Entertainment and Music play a major role in the day of a person and are never ending professions in every corner of the Earth. Due to the increase in number of people who are interested and willing to work in this industry, there is an increase in the number of entrepreneurs who are willing to set up their organisations in order to provide employment for these people. The worth of the entertainment industry is set to rise to a whooping $2.14 trillion by 2020 with music industry worth more than $130 billion.

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