Episode 28 – The Elite IAS ft. Kishan Rao

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS)  is the administrative arm of the All India Services. The IAS is responsible for continuity and impartial governance. IAS officers hold vital appointments in the Union government, State governments and Public Sector Undertakings.

The skills required for an IAS officer are an understanding of national and international affairs and trends, leadership skills, the ability to make decisions, a good planning ability, general knowledge, good communication ability, ability to follow and give orders and directions and finally self confidence and composure in difficult situations.

The career path for becoming an IAS officer is really hard since there are only a limited amount of seats in the government. It’s a process of clearing different steps and exams. Obtaining a Bachelor’s degree is the initial step followed by qualification for the Civil Service Exam. Clearing this will enable for the Main examination followed by a final interview. 

Today we have Mr Kishan Rao who is a retired IAS officer with three decades of experience, holding various responsible positions under the State and Central Government in the Hospitality and Tourism field. He was the Managing Director in A.P. Tourism Development Corporation and Joint Secretary, Department of Tourism & Culture among others. During his tenure he is widely acknowledged as the bureaucrat who created cultural landmarks and tourism destinations like Shilparamam, People’s Plaza and Jalavihar on Necklace Road and Chowmahalla Palace etc. He is credited with creating several milestone events like the Air Shows at Hyderabad, the Millennium Festivals, International Kite Festivals and International festivals of Music etc. Currently, Mr Rao is working full time Executive Chairman of the Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation and a Chief Executive Officer of the Yadagirigutta Temple Development Authority.

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