Episode 30 – Fashioning a Career ft. Gaurang Shah

Today, we have Mr Gaurang Shah with us on the show. Known as the master of weaves, Mr Shah strives to create exquisite handcrafted masterpieces. His hallmark traditions, sarees, are woven in the jamdani weaving technique which can take upto 2 years to weave depending on the design. Jamdani, a discontinuous extra weft technique of weaving takes no help from machinery. A hand drawn artwork design is kept under the warp in the loom, and is replicated by the weaver to the finest details. It is almost like parsi embroidery done on the loom. Mr Shah mostly deals with floral and geometrics drawn with inspiration from nature. Mr Shah’s passion has led to more than 800 weavers working with him today all over the country. He has worked with several actresses such as Vidya Balan and Sonam Kapoor.

We see and admire their work on TV, in the form of glamorous models walking across the runway. But, do we actually know them? An incredible amount of hard work and thinking goes into every piece that a fashion designer makes. That’s right, today, we are going to get to know all about the nuances of a career in fashion design.

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