Indian students are often subject to unrealistic career expectations. There is a reason there seem to be so many Indian doctors and IT staff. Engineering and medicine are often their preferred choices going into college. There is little awareness of alternate career paths or, for that matter, of what being an engineer entails.

Career Central is a podcast that aims to help students make the big decisions, and not chain themselves to a specific career path purely out of a lack of awareness. Career Central empowers students to make their own choices by giving them an insider’s perspective to a particular field.

Some notable people that I have featured on my podcast include Ms Rujuta Diwekar (celebrity nutritionist), MasterChef Ajay Chopra, former Olympian Ashwini Nachappa, an Israeli Intelligence agent, and more. Find the entire podcast right here on IndianStudentRoom.com! Also be sure to visit our YouTube channel (@CareerCentral) and iTunes page! You can also listen to all Career Central episodes for free on any podcast app.

I sincerely hope you encounter your dream career!